[0702/7830] Target

The target appears to combine energy into a form of some kind. There is something that is in motion that does not appear in the photograph that gives context and maybe meaning to the target.


There is something floating at the site that is benign and regular. It is color coated and the idea of simile is associated with it. It is running and short. It is also divided. The idea of vocal and impressed are there. The emotions that are with it are of calm, cautious and interested. There is sight seeing occurring. Something or someone is observant. There is standing occurring and the idea of looking is associated with it. There is a sequence and the idea of open minded is there.

At the site there is an idea of concluded and self control. It made me feel interested. There is also something at the site that is clouded and hovering. This part or aspect of the site made me feel surprised.

The target is a process that is changing. It is illuminating and the idea of flip is there. Something is expecting. There is a map.. Heat is also with the target. Something is pushing and pursuing. It made me feel surprised and regretful. It also made me feel astonished. The idea of locate and summon is also associated with the target.


1. Two points or directions of energy coming together to form something.

2. Energy that is transformed into something that appears solid.

3 .Energy that has a shape.

4. A type of energy that has a form.