a very interesting open search


[1637/7702] Open Search

This is a session that I ran back to back. I was interested in acquiring more data related to the target. My first S3 appears to show two life forms and activity associated with them.


There is an event at the site. Something at the site is changing and turbulent. It is way full and stagnant. Something with the event is capable and promising. Part of this event made me feel nervous. It also gave me a feeling of wondering.

Mind is associated with the event. The site made me feel alert and interested.

The target is a person that is serious. There is something happening that involves knowledge and light. There is control. Something is striving and maintaining. Information is there. Something involving mind and knowledge is at the site. There are ideas of spreading and pure. It is promising. Something is happening that involves a circumstance. It is distant. There is a rift and the idea of portion is present.

There are holes at the site. There is trouble. The ideas of lost and causes are present. Something is intuitive and holding. It creates and the idea of promote is there.

Also at the site, there is something that is interdimensional. It is facing and pointing out.


1. A person experiencing a transformation of some kind.

2. A life form(s) interacting from another dimension.

3. The mind or collective unconsciousness attempting to convey a message or information.

4. An event involving something esoteric.

5. A dream or premonition of a strange event occurring.