[6954/6669] Next United States mainland disaster

The next disaster for the United States appears to involve oil, natural gas or the power supply to an area or region of the country.


There are people at the site. Some of the people are shocked, angry and remorseful. They are onlookers. Some of the other people at the site are worried, serious and calm. The onlookers are shell shocked and helpless. The idea of victim and stringing are present. There is an idea of the wrong place and the wrong time there. Something is isolated. The idea of weather is there. Part of the site made me feel nervous, scared and intimidated. Another part of the site made me feel worried and interested.

The target is something that has a fire, gases and fumes with it. It is folding and collapsing. It is a hazard. It is also toxic. The idea of self sacrifice and important are there. Something associated with the target is blazing, spreading and is also a hazard. The idea of forefront and react are with it. Something is ordinary.

There is another part of the site or target that has a function and is gated. It is staged and similar. There is a close call and something is predictable. The idea of memory is there.


1. A very large fire involving a power plant.

2. A gas explosion.

3. An oil leak that has triggered a fire or fuel explosion.

4. A nuclear explosion.