[7903/4114] Target / origin

The target appears to be a life form, but at the same time a creation or copy of something that exist elsewhere.


There is a machine at the site. The idea of arrival and creation are there. Something is 'browly' and supposed. The idea of cloned and happenstance are there. The idea of causes and holding are also present. Something is all over the place. Part of the site made me feel doubtful.

There is a chamber at the site. There is energy and the idea of pushing is there. It is sited and something is observant. Part of the site is ordinary. Something is involved and local. It is temporary. There is an AOL/S of 'thingamajig' there. Some of the emotions associated with the target are lost, bewildered and shaken. An idea of inhabitable is present.

The target has mass and energy. It is charged. There are particles associated with the target. There is acceleration. Observation is occurring. It is well. It is a being. There is an idea of noiseless. It is focused. It made me feel interested. It also made me feel nervous and tense.

There is a beam at the site. There is also awareness. Something is bound and has harmony. The idea of electronic is also at the site. There is also the idea of invisible and rationale. The site is local. There is a hole at the site. Part of the site made me feel cautious.


1. A created, copied or cloned life form/ creature.

2. A chamber or machine somewhere.

3. A created life form being controlled.