was this an angel?



The "thing" in the photograph was the target. I simply drew a line from the target to the target reference numbers.


There is a life form at the site. The idea of hovering is there. Something at the site is sparking and picking. It is hot and in control. Something is transparent and contained. There is the idea of slowly and creative there. The site is made me feel surprised and interested. It also made me feel alert, excited and overjoyed.

The target has the idea of holy associated with it and or the site. There is a presence there that is objective and hands on. It is fulfilling something and has an expectation. There are emotions associated with the life form of kindness, peaceful, hopeful and inquisitive. At or near the target, there is the idea of sick and nurture. There is some kind of separation and a conclusion. Something is pivoting. Something is also in charge. The idea of soiled is there. The life form is holy and divine. It has an idea of spiritual. The idea of place is there.

There is a proxy. Something is developed.

The idea of piecemeal and original are there. There is AOL/S of sweetheart and on point. Something has grace and is popular. The life form has the idea of wisdom and is knowledgeable. It is bearing and planting something. The idea of help is there.


1. A very highly developed life form.

2. A life form that is invisible.

3. A being that is invisible.