The next global disaster


[5637/2070] Next Global Disaster

The cue was executed on February 26th 2021 and will point to an event sometime in the near future.

This was my initial summary:


The site has people. The people at the site are shocked, horrified and angry. The people are also scared. The site made me feel worried and fearful. It also made me feel wishful and surprised.

The people at the site are scared and preoccupied. Some are hurt. There is life saving occurring and something is deadly and in the proximity. The idea of adjust is there. The idea of causes is also there. The people want stuff and are at war with each other. There is something that is horrible and causes the people and onlookers to take note. People are told to shut up. Something is stand still and damaged. There is sacrifice. Something is destroyed at the site. It is demolished and abrupt. There is something that is emotionally connected. The idea of halt and platform is there. The site has controls and or is controlled and controlling. There is a forecast. Something is diminished. There is helping. There is overlooking. The idea of helping and sorry are there. There is outreach.


1.A very large scale accident.

2. A dome collapse.

3. A tornado or hurricane.

4. An accident that occurs when a structure is being used as a hospital.

There appears to ne a structure of some kind at the site that resembles a dome or a stadium like the Superdome or football stadium. There are large groups of people inside and some appear to be on beds, make shift beds or gurneys. At the top of this dome like structure there is a sense of motion. The dome like structure appears to be damaged or has something on it that effects the structural integrity of it or is damaged. Some of the people at the site have fixed their attention to one particular aspect inside the structure that is big and rectangular, possibly a monitor of some kind.

As this event takes place, it will be interesting to see what the Matrix or collective unconsciousness gave up or divided data points as to what is important and to what would be recognized to the viewer as to a news worthy event. Anything on this scale would definitely be seen and recognized as a disaster. The location, date and time is currently unknown, but should be seen in the coming near term future.