The origin of carlos dias 's " plasma ship "


[1006/9151] Target/ origin

The goal of this session was not to describe the photo or what was perceived or thought to be contained in the picture. It was simply to gain access via the Matrix or collective unconscious as to the origin of "it". Past remote viewing data suggest that the so called "ship" is not a ship at all. It is light originating from a source. The light or "bean" has unique properties that we currently cannot reproduce in our technological age.


There is something important for humanity at the site. There is energy at the site. There is something that has chemicals and fluids. It is for the body and has placement. The idea of remember is there. There is something mechanical at the site. It is ready. The idea of suggest, place and holding is there. The site made me feel surprised and curious. It gave me the sense of introspective. There is a life form or life forms at the site. The life form(s) have emotions of wishful, doubtful and surprised.

The target is planting something or seeding. It is for growing and the idea of erase is there. There are onlookers at the site. The idea of now and help are there.

Something is aged and knowledgeable. There is knowledge there. It is satisfactory and for the masses. It is approved for these masses. It has the idea of changing and repairing. The life forms are knowledgeable and are obligated. Something is giving and saving there.

The life forms or something at the site has high regard and is obligated. It is on a mission. The idea of heady is there. The life forms have plans for growth. there is something that is gifted. The idea of foreshadow is present.


1. A life form or life forms giving something to humanity.

2. A collection repairing process for people.

3. An Earth saving event.

4. Changing people somehow.

5. Changing people with something that provides growth foe humanity.

It may be unclear or beyond our comprehension as to the working details of the technology. We can say that there are life forms behind this enigmatic series of sightings. these life forms appear to be doing something to or for humanity that is important and it involves knowledge.