[1875/886] Next Epidemic

What will be the next epidemic? Remote viewers can perceive an epidemic in the near term future that affects a particular country or region on the globe.

At first glance there seems to be an event taking place between two individuals.

My initial summary lays out details involving some sort of bacteria present.


There are people at the site. There is also a life form at the site site that is a bacteria.

The person or people at the site meet. One of the people is a stranger. A fever is there. Something has stopped and the idea of judging is there. Something is subtle and clinging. It has impact. There is hospitalization occurring. There is the idea of control.

A person or people are shocked or saddened. At the site something is displaced and seeded. There is a disparity and something is similar. The idea of disparity and similar are there. Something is hardened. there is a transition of some kind occurring. The idea of holding is there. It is in a country.

The target is a bacteria that is with or near a person. It made me feel curious and inquisitive. It also made me feel fearful and shocked. I also felt overwhelmed. Something at the site is displaced. Something is also put into and represents something. It is cooling. something is hiding and loosing. A temperature is there. there is something with the target on the skin. It has a quality of diminish. It is involved and stuck. A type is there. There is a control and a hand out. There is some kind of damage. The person at the site has a heart beat that is irregular.


1. A bacteria of some form affecting the body.

2. Something that causes an irregular heartbeat in a person that can be transmitted.

3. Something on the skin.

4. Hospitalization in a country.

The epidemic appears to involve a transmission of some kind. It is a bacteria.